Saturday, June 22, 2013

McLibel police spies revelations: defendant speaks out

McLibel leaflet was co-written by undercover police officer Bob Lambert - McDonald's sued green activists in long-running David v Goliath legal battle, but police role only now exposed:

The educational campaign against McDonald's 'and all they stand for', was initiated in the 1980s by London Greenpeace - an independent libertarian environmental collective of around 25 activists. The campaign developed into a global defiance movement in the 1990s when the transnational corporation tried to suppress their critics. Leaflets being given out in thousands in the '80s ended up being distributed in millions in over two dozen languages - a fantastic demonstration of people power which has helped ensure the public are aware that there are alternatives to a society based on profiteering, consumerism and the corporate exploitation of people, animals and the environment.

The libel case brought against two of us from London Greenpeace led to the longest running trial of any kind in English history. Denied legal aid we represented ourselves, cross-examining dozens of McDonalds executives and representatives, and bringing forward scores of our own witnesses and experts to testify. The corporation's business practices were put on trial before the world and some damning judgements were made against them after the 313-day trial and 23-day appeal.

This was achieved despite the odds overwhelmingly stacked against us in the legal system and up against McDonald's massive and relentless advertising and propaganda machine.

We now know that other shadowy forces were also trying to undermine our efforts in the most disgusting, but ultimately futile ways. The Metropolitan Police and McDonald's both sent infiltrators into our open group, and 3 of them scandalously conducted long-term sexual 'relationships' with activists in order to get information on the group's campaigns. This failed to disrupt the ever-growing campaigning, but caused massive personal damage to those abused in this way.

All over the world police and secret agents infiltrate opposition movements in order to protect the rich and powerful, but as we have seen in so many countries recently people power and the pursuit of truth and justice is unstoppable, even faced with the most repressive and unacceptable stasi-like tactics.

Dave Morris, McLibel defendant and campaigner

The book by Paul Lewis and Rob Evans about the undercover policing of protest is to be published on Monday.

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Undercover police officer handing out leaflets against McDonalds, October 1986:
From Undercover by Rob Evans and Paul Lewis (2013)

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