Thursday, August 20, 2015

New pamphlet in ‘103 Foresters’ (WW1) series

From People's Histreh:
Since the start of 2014, we have been working on an extensive research project, looking into the cases of the 103 Sherwood Foresters who were sentenced to death or sentenced on mutiny charges during World War One.

We approached this from the outset as a long term project and plan to publish a series of pamphlets, looking into the individual cases as well as their wider context.

We are very pleased to announce that the third issue in our pamphlet series ‘103 Foresters’ is now available as a free download (pdf).

Apologies as we are a few weeks (three to be precise!) behind schedule, but our original timetable was always a bit optimistic. As always, this remains a work in progress.

Please find the new pamphlet, more information about the project and links to (marginally updated versions of) Issues 1 and 2 on our blog:

103 Foresters
Mutinies and Death Sentences in the Local Regiment – 1914-18
Issue 3: Wipers, Helles and beyond – Three Foresters’ death sentences, July 1915

Loaf On A Stick Press, Nottingham 2015, digital pamphlet, 39 pages.
Distribute and quote as you like (non-commercial use only!).

Please keep an eye on our blog for upcoming publications in this series as well as other news and updates. Please contact us with comments, criticism, etc.:


People's Histreh - Nottingham & Notts Radical History Group

Who we are…

We are a group of people with different political backgrounds, interested in what has been called ‘history from below‘, ‘grassroots history’ or ‘social history‘.

As Nottingham and Nottinghamshire have such a long and turbulent history of socioeconomic transformation, disturbance and conflict, there is a lot to be unearthed. In fact, the most amazing, inspiring, shocking and outrageous stories leap out wherever the surface is scratched.

…and what we do…

We have been working on a number of different projects since we first got together in late 2009. Among many other subjects, such as Chartism or the local history of slavery, we have e.g. been remembering the successful fight against the Poll Tax (for instance by celebrating the 20th anniversary of the custard-pieing of local councillors).

Probably our main project to date has been our work on the riotous history of Nottingham during the Industrial Revolution. There is of course our popular guided walk ‘To the Castle!’, retracing the 1831 Reform Riots. Our publication of the same title, along with our pamphlet ‘Damn his charity...’ (on the remarkable events known as Nottingham’s ‘Great Cheese Riot’), was reprinted in our paperback book ‘Nottingham Rising…’.

We (that is ‘Loaf On A Stick Press’) were also proud to publish Chris Richardson’s exciting book ‘A City of Light…’ on the struggles of courageous women and men in 1840s Nottingham who challenged the inhumanities of the Poor Law, contested charges of sedition, blasphemy and riot, confronted the forces of established religion, and championed new forms of democratic control.

For information on all our events, publications, etc. please visit our (very irregularly updated) online presence:


See also some of our other publications:

Nottingham Rising: The Great Cheese Riot of 1766 & the 1831 Reform Riots
By Valentine Yarnspinner
Loaf On A Stick Press; 2014
ISBN 9780956913968
Paperback £6
Free digital version:

A City of Light: Socialism, Chartism and Co-operation – Nottingham 1844
By Christopher Richardson
Loaf On A Stick Press; 2013
ISBN 9780956913944
Paperback £7.99
See also:

Available from Five Leaves Bookshop (, Waterstones Nottingham, Nottingham Castle gift shop, e

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