Thursday, January 16, 2014

Radio documentary "Do You Remember?" [..the 1980s]

- by Olivia Lemmens, Belgium, 2013 [48mins]

In 2012 Olivia Lemmens and David Vercauteren met to interview [a number of activists] for research which they led about the social and political struggles in the United Kingdom since the coming of Thatcher to power until the present day.

Of these meetings and interviews was born a first radio documentary [about the 1980s]. The
second is on the way.

Here is a link which should lead directly to the possibility of downloading the radio documentary that was realized further to their stay in the UK between March and June 2012: -

Do You Remember?
A sound documentary realized by Olivia Lemmens, Belgium, 48'
A sound documentary about the social and political struggles in England during the 80's. Some people speak about resistance, about solidarity, about community. Others speak about defeat. Others know only a little thing. How to keep alive past memories ?

Contacts for distribution of this documentary would be welcome.

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