Friday, May 17, 2013

Past Tense walk around the Elephant & Castle: Saturday June 1st

Past Tense publications present
Wild Walworth and Elephant's Arse:

Stumbling round the radical history of South London's newest property
Bumping with intent into the latest gentrifried developments.
Cursing together at various points along the way.
This walk, itself a re-enactment of a previous radical history walk, will
talk us on an amusing journey round Walworth and The Elephant. We will visit scenes of radical crimes, look for faded spraypaint slogans, hear of the dead and who dunnit, dig up past victories.

Includes anarchists,socialists, punks,radical printers, feminists,
anti-nazis and of course many, many more from all ages. We will also leave our mark on the landscape. Please bring chalk. Bring written curses directed at your favourite targets for us to incorporate.

Meet at 56a Infoshop,
56 Crampton St,
London SE17 3AE

1pm for look around the Infoshop.
1.30 Walk begins pronto!

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