Monday, January 27, 2014

LONDON rWW1 GROUP Meeting, January 2014

Summary of report from 16-1-14.

Minutes of the previous meeting were read.

National Meeting for groups and individuals involved/interested in opposing WW1 ‘celebrations’
Originally suggested this be held in May. Agreed to approach other groups about their interest in such a meeting; we can host it in London but it might be better to suggest/ask if anyone else is interested in hosting it.
It was suggested we could try and get some big speakers, and maybe have an action, re-enactment or some such to make it more than just talk?

Benefit [gig] –those involved in the band and contacting venues will get on with it.

New Blog

We have a Blog set up, at [which includes an extensive reading list under various headings related to alternative takes on the history of the war.] Contributions welcome:
articles, posts, news, etc can be sent to our new email address for this (London) group,; all correspondence for the London group can now also be sent here.
(Bristol Remembering the Real World War 1 have also set up a blog:


A general introductory leaflet to explain what we are/do/think is to be drafted.

Images for propaganda, stickers, posters, etc.

More work needs doing on ideas for a group logo based around [subverting] the traditional
poppy emblem, and further suggestions are being considered.

We also thought it’d be good to print some stickers with simple slogans (just text), including quotations
from ex-WW1 servicemen. Some of these included:
“The First World War was Idiotic” (Alfred Finnegan)
“It was such a complete waste of lives.” (George Charles)
“The Great War was a lot of bloody political bull.”
“War is nothing better than legalized mass murder.” (Harry Patch)
“11 November is just show business. Armistice Day is nothing but a show of
military forces.” (Harry Patch)

(All the speakers being ex-WW1 veterans).
Proposed points we could be planning actions around

1. Xmas football match: [some kind of international anti-war match]. The official match (with premiership involvement) is a week before Xmas. Any alternative spectacle around it might get some publicity.

It was suggested we could do something in London ... What was people’s reaction here in 1914 when the Xmas truce was on? Unusually news of it wasn’t censored (they hadn’t quite got their act together on censorship). We do need to subvert the non-political message, the idea it was an isolated incident, with no implications.

2. Cenotaph November 2014: This is going to be one of the most high profile official events …
Alternatively, there was mention of an original Cenotaph in East London, which was part of the earliest plans for commemorating Armistice Day, that came from grassroots, and was then co-opted by government. Or is there another alternative venue?

East London Suffragette Festival: Some people are putting on an event in August 2014 to remember the East London Federation of Suffragettes [centenary
], one of the most prominent groups to oppose the war (amongst much other ground-breaking activity). This is an event we’d definitely want to support...

Our working capital increased slightly after a collection.

Meetings of this group are held regularly on the third Thursday of each month, so the next is
Thurs 20th February
Time… 7.30 p.m.

At:       88 Fleet St, London EC4Y 1DH (entrance is in St Bride’s Avenue).

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  1. There will be a discussion on '1914-2014: A century of War', this Saturday 15th Feb., at the new Occupy squatted freeschool. A member of the London Remembering the Real WW1 group will be taking part (in a personal capacity), but anyone is welcome to turn up and pitch in.
    Time: 12.00 - 1.00 [so no clash with IWW talk]
    venue: Bank of Ideas,
    238 Grays Inn Rd
    WC1X 8HB

    There're loads of other events going on at the building, check out: