Monday, July 8, 2013

Two Radical history walks: bits of Hackney

1) Stokey Church Street and suchlike

Sunday 21st July
from North East entrance to Clissold Park
(by the gate on Queen Elizabeth’s Walk, London, N16, near the lakes)

400 years of squatters, levelers and urban revolutionaries

2) Dalston to Stokey Cop Shop.

Thursday 1st August
from Gillett Square, London, N16

includes, police spies, police killings, community organising,
anti-fascism, ’81 riots, refugee squats, armed struggle and just how shit
does someone have to be to get roads named after them?

All welcome, especially those who know more than us about these things.

For Radical History of Hackney, see blog at:
“broadly anarchist / libertarian communist with a few cultural deviations!”

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