Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New from Hackney Radical History

Working Class Club Life and Politics in Hackney 1870 – 1900
Tuesday 17th November, 7pm
Pages of Hackney
70 Lower Clapton Road
E5 0RN
Tickets £TBA
In the heady days of late Victorian London, Hackney was regarded as the most radical – even revolutionary – district of London with a large number of liberal reform and socialist clubs and organisations across the borough. These clubs organised lectures, demonstrations, musical concerts, outings, and education classes, and famous radicals such as William Morris were regular speakers.
Barry Burke and Ken Worpole recreate the world of radical Hackney, to mark the publication a new edition of their original 1980 study.

updates on the Radical History of Hackney site:

1. Somewhere In Hackney - a 1980 film about Centerprise bookshop and other radical projects, now online at the BFI site

2. Centerprise's radical mailboxes - on the diverse radical groups which used the shop as a mailing address:

3. Centerprise, An Phoblacht and a suspect package - the amusing tale of a bomb scare

4. Shots fired at Hackney Council meeting, 1986

5. Blue House squat at Sutton House - an appeal for help with an exhibition about the squat / venue

6. The Provisional IRA in Stoke Newington - bomb factories in the 70s and 90s

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