Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Change of plan for next RaHN meeting

Apologies to anyone who’s been keeping the date, but the next meeting of the Radical History Network of North East London will not be on Wednesday 13th May as previously announced. 
Instead we hope as many as possible will come along to the Newington Green radical history Walk* on Sunday 17th May, and get together in a suitable hostelry (or similar) afterwards. Perhaps this timing and environment will be more convenient for some who don’t usually make it to our meetings – all welcome.

* NewingtonGreen radical history Walk,
Sunday 17th May 2015:
Meet 12 midday in Newington Green, London N1.
"Feminists and Dissenters, Anarchist printers and Squatters, Radical Clubs, and much more.
Bring your own bits of history."

p.s. Oldest Surviving Terraced Houses in England at Green Lanes

The oldest surviving terraced houses in England are on Newington Green...

Dating from 1658, 52-55 Newington Green houses are extremely rare survivals of pre-Restoration and pre-Great Fire town houses, and as such are one of the most remarkable groups of seventeenth-century buildings in London.

Grade 1 listed, Hackney Council's asset register lists them as "the oldest terraced houses still surviving in England".

During the decade or so prior to the American Revolution, the terrace was something of a hotbed of dissent as the resident of number 54, dissident preacher Dr Richard Price was visited by many of the American ‘founding fathers’ including Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams.

[See link for photo] 

Here, in preparation for Sunday's Newington green walk, is a search for COs in Stoke Newington (probably many false positives):

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