Thursday, January 22, 2015

Undercover Policing campaign: Further update

BBC London News TV item on the campaign to force former police spy/spymaster out of London Metropolitan University can be viewed at:

A campaigner comments: 
"It is not everything we might have wanted but it does ramp up the pressure on London Met some; they were at least forced to put someone up from the John Grieve Centre for the Study of Policing to defend themselves (although they focussed on issues of their international links, a small thing I mentioned which they seized on to the detriment of more important issues.) 
Anyway together with other coverage it does help create a buzz for IAPS picket of London Met next Friday, January 30th, 12-2pm... " * [see below]

"This week we have also launched our campaign on twitter; you can follow us:

created a blog

and a very basic facebook page:

"Please spread the word/like us/re-tweet and do all those things that people do in the age of social media.. But it's vital that people DO complain to London Met, and also get on down to the pickets to make us too annoying to ignore.

"This issue is much bigger than just Bob Lambert, but we are trying to hold him to account for his actions, in the course of which we are also raising the whole history of police infiltration of radical movements as a wider pattern. 
So please also visit 

 - two sites which put Lambert's actions in context.

Keep up the pressure".

Former Police Spy, Serial Liar & Exploiter of Women

Join us to demand the removal of Bob Lambert from London Metropolitan

Picket London Met

Friday January 30th
12.00 – 2.00pm

LMU Tower, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB

Bring placards, banners, anything to make noise…

In November Islington Against Police Spies (IAPS) held a lively picket of London Metropolitan University in Holloway, launching our campaign to demand the sacking or resignation of Bob Lambert. Former police spy,
Special Branch manipulator, abuser of women, agent provocateur, Lambert is now lecturing at London Met on policing and criminology.

As local residents we feel it is totally inappropriate for London Metropolitan to be employing a man with Lambert'’s record in such a position; where he has influence and power over the lives of students, who may be young or vulnerable. Most particularly Lambert has shown he cannot be trusted not to abuse and lie to women.

Islington Against Police Spies have committed ourselves to holding events every month at least, to keep putting pressure on the University and raising awareness of Lambert'’s past, until he is forced to leave London Met. We know this CAN be done – but it'’s not necessarily going to be easy.

Hopefully this campaign will get stronger until it'’s irresistible. BUT WE NEED HELP – we call on anyone who thinks Bob Lambert should not be working in a supposedly progressive university to support our campaign.


Come down and join the picket on January 30th. The bigger and noisier our protest, the more notice London Met will have to take of us. [More ideas available from the campaign]. >>

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  1. Next picket: March 27th. Meantime:
    ... Another former officer involved in the undercover policing scandal has just been sacked by a university. Anglia Ruskin University, has confirmed it will no longer employ former DCI Gordon Mills after he was exposed as one of the senior police officers who colluded with the illegal Consulting Association, responsible for the blacklisting of trade unionists in the construction industry.
    Blacklisted workers and campaigners hailed the ARU decision as a massive victory.
    Anglia Ruskin have taken a clear decision, whether from ethical motives, or from fear of protest and bad publicity - employing someone with Mills' record could no longer be an option. (n the light of this - how long can London Met stand by their increasingly dubious position that Bob Lambert is an appropriate person to be teaching in their institution?
    PROTEST to the people who run London Met, and demand that they sack Bob Lambert.