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More about May in June and after in Liverpool and elsewhere

Date: FRIDAY, 8TH JUNE 2018 (9am-6pm)


F*ck May ’68, Fight Now: Exploring the Uses of the Radical Past from 1968 to Today
All Power to the Imagination! A workshop about the protests of 1968 and the movements that followed in its wake, with people who were there then, people who came after, and people who are doing it now! Come along. It's FREE!!!

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And some reminders from earlier listings:

1968-2018: A Celebration of 50 years of Resistance, Campaigning 
and Alternatives for A Better World 

- despite 50 years of police opposition, spying and repression. Full details here.

Saturday 7th July, 1-3pm   Roll Call / Commemoration / Celebration: Grosvenor Sq, London W1
Sunday 8th July, 10-4pm    Conference / Exhibition: Conway Hall, Red Lion Sq, London WC1
1st to 8th July   Week of local events and activities around the UK - please organise!
Flyer available for download/copying/distribution.  

  Contact for planning:


Remembering the 1968 Revolts - Nottingham
Join us for a film screening, an exhibition of original sources and a panel session of people sharing their memories of struggles fought here in Nottingham during that iconic year, which saw deeply-rooted conflicts erupt into open revolts all around the globe. 

Sunday, 3rd June 2018
From Midday at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.

Midday-2pm film screening of “if....” (ticketed)
2-3pm browse our exhibition (free)
3-5pm panel session (free)
Please note that spaces for the panel session are limited (first come, first served).

From Midday to 2pm there will be a screening of “if….”, followed by an hour (2-3pm) to browse our exhibition of fantastic source materials (pamphlets, newssheets, posters, unpublished correspondence, etc.) documenting the 1968 Revolts in Paris, Berlin, Prague (etc.), and of course events here in Nottingham. At 3pm we will get together for a panel session with people sharing some of their memories of the struggles fought in Nottingham in 1968 (spoilers: the struggle for equal pay and anti-racist work were already high on the agenda five decades ago!). 

The film screening is ticketed. You will be able to purchase tickets from Broadway Cinema at their usual rates from early May. We have a very limited number of discounted tickets available. If you would like us to reserve you one of these tickets, please do get in touch (please note, if you do not get a response email confirming your reservation before Sunday 6th May, you are not on the list and will have to purchase a ticket from the Broadway Box Office). The exhibition and the panel session are of course free of charge.
Students vs. CRS (riot police) in Latin quarter

Mass meeting of workers at Renault-Billancourt
Workers and Students en masse:
Defining images of May 1968 from Solidarity vol.5, no.4, October 1968,between. pp. 14 & 15 in (review) article "France: the theoretical immplication", by M.B. (Maurice Brinton). 
See also the celebrated Solidarity pamphlet:

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