Tuesday, September 6, 2016

About Sylvia Pankhurst: Further to RaHN Meeting

Meeting of the Radical History Network of North East London
Held on Wednesday 29th June 2016 at Wood Green Social Club

The SPEAKERS were:-
SARAH JACKSON, co-author of Voices from History: East London Suffragettes and co-founder of the East End Women's Museum - www.eastendwomensmuseum.org.
See also: www.eastlondonsuffragettes.com/
GEOFFREY BELL, author of Hesitant Comrades - The Irish Revolution and the British Labour Movement, He has also written an article in 'History Ireland' on Sylvia Pankhurst and Ireland's 1916 Rising and its aftermath.

There was also, of course, discussion around the talks, with numerous contributions, questions and comments from several people present.

Back cover of The Suffragette Movement, paperback edition
In lieu of a meeting report, one of those who attended has prepared an extended account of the topic as above, in both of its aspects, which can be accessed here (15pp., c8500 words as currently formulated). 
It is largely but not exclusively based on what the two speakers have said and written. -   
Sylvia Pankhurst’s Life and Legacy
"Sylvia Pankhurst was a campaigner for the suffragette movement. She was for a time a prominent left communist who then devoted herself to the cause of anti-fascism. This report is in two parts; her movement for equality in the East End of London, and her commitment to the Irish Revolution after the Rising of 1916." 

The main headings are:
Brief Background to the Suffrage Movement

Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Federation of Suffragettes
(Mainly in the words of Sarah Jackson)

Votes, Wages and Milk:
the East London Federation of Suffragettes on the Home Front, 1914-1916

Sylvia Pankhurst and Ireland’s Easter Rising
A Brief Guide to Ireland’s Easter Rising and its Aftermath 
Geoffrey Bell wrote
Section including
  • support of the workers in the Dublin Lock-Out
  • association with James Connolly
  • eye-witness account of the aftermath of the Rising 
  • what such endeavours had to do with Pankhurst’s broader socialist principles... 
Additional points from the meeting and book

Unwavering support of complete self-determination
Socialism and Nationalism
Religious hatred and class struggle
Call to Action

The subject and date of the next Meeting of the Radical History Network of North East London have yet to be decided.
In the mean time, the group will have a presence at the London Anarchist Bookfair in October, including a meeting:-

Haringey Solidarity
Lessons from 4 decades of radical anti-authoritarian community action in Haringey
A look at local campaigns and organisations from the late '70s onwards fighting back against capitalism and the State and trying to create a better world. Including strike support, unwaged struggles, anti-poll tax movement, women's struggles, anti-racist action, anti-police campaigns, community/neighbourhood self-organisation, lesbian and gay liberation, libertarian and anarchist activity, housing action groups and campaigns, resistance to property developers, defence of public and community services and facilities, radical community centres and projects... and more. We will also note where local groups and campaigns have linked or federated with similar ones around London and the UK. Followed by general discussion. 
Organised by Haringey Solidarity Group (http://www.haringey.org.uk/ ) and the Radical History Network of NE London (http://radicalhistorynetwork.blogspot.co.uk/)

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