Saturday, March 5, 2016

New link on "kindred spirits" list

A link to a radical history podcast has recently been added to our home page:

Paul Case writes:

"The Rebel Chronicles is a series of short podcasts, looking at little snippets of radical history. It was originally created for a digital radio show, so I decided that each podcast finishes on a track that's befitting to the topic I talk about. Currently, The Rebel Chronicles focuses on late nineteenth and early twentieth century radical history, exploring the loose but important connections between historical events.

Mark Leier, a professor of history at SFU in Vancouver, called it "informative, detailed and capitvating".

One of the main aims of The Rebel Chronicles is to help popularise this history. I'm hardly a scholar, so I've written it in the style that I enjoy learning most from - accessible narratives which are not only informative, but, hopefully, also engaging as stories.

I'm very interested in anyone's comments on the podcast; whether they're suggestions on events/people to do an episode about, corrections, or anything else anyone can think of. If you wish to get in touch, please email"
Click on 'The Rebel Chronicles' tab on Paul's wordpress blog as linked.
It may also be possible to access the podcast directly using:
- But this appears not to work on some computers.


And don't forget to check out the excellent Past Tense blog, added to our list at the start of the year and going strong with daily items on significant events in the radical history context that happened on each date.

On today's you can read what Ken Weller had to say about opposition to the Boer War as a foretaste of the First World War and resistance to it - and what its opponents would have to face:

“For socialists the Boer War of 1899-1902 was a prefiguration of their experiences in the First World War, and in many ways the similarities are quite marked. Jingoism had been growing for years, imperialism was at its height, the ‘rush for Africa’ – of which the Boer War was the culmination – all had contributed to a climate of the most extreme chauvinism..."

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