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Events in Salford (WCML) and North West England: Update

Saturday 2nd April
from 11.00 - 3.00

Working Class Movement Library51 Crescent, Salford, near Manchester,
M5 4WX.
Next to Salford Crescent Railway station

Programme includes "Out of the Women's Corner" Margaret Beecham,
Bath Houses, Sylvia Kolling, Feminist Webs, Ali Ronan, "We are
going to Win" Chloe Mason, Poetry from Steph Pike, Colin Waugh and more.
There will be lots of discussion.

 Ali Ronan and Keith Venables
for Independent Working Class Education.

'Justice for Alice Wheeldon!' and other Invisible Histories talks
Next up in our free Wednesday afternoon Invisible Histories series:
Working Class Movement Library,
51 The Crescent, Salford, 

This Wednesday, 16 March 2pm Chloe Mason Justice for Alice Wheeldon!
In 1917 socialist, feminist and anti-war activist, Alice Wheeldon, her daughter and husband were given long prison sentences, on flimsy evidence, for supposedly plotting to kill Prime Minister Lloyd George and Arthur Henderson, leader of the Labour Party. Chloe Mason, Alice’s great-granddaughter, will speak about the campaign to have the case recognised as a miscarriage of justice.

30 March 2pm Cyril Pearce Communities of resistance: patterns of dissent in Britain during the First World War
Data gathered from a variety of sources can be used to create maps of Britain which identify places and communities in Britain where enthusiasm for the war was muted or non-existent. Searching these anti-war hot-spots exposes coalitions of resistance involving women as well as men, religious as well as political objectors which give the lie to the conventional notion that the war was universally popular.

13 April 2pm Robin Stocks Manchester volunteers in the Easter Rising
We mark the centenary of the Easter Rising with an account of how, in the middle of WW1, members of the Irish community in Manchester and other British cities resolved to travel to Dublin to prepare for a rebellion to achieve independence for Ireland.

27 April 2pm Richard Milward Luddites’ Nightmares
Taking inspiration from the machine-breaking Luddites of the early 19th century, artist Richard Milward is producing a series of paintings which, in his words, ‘expose, exaggerate and ridicule the ways in which modern technology encroaches on – and distorts – everyday life’.  A month-long loan to WCML of one of these paintings is marked by this event, when we are delighted to welcome three of the country’s most inventive young authors to read from their own work on themes surrounding our relationship with technology.

Joe Stretch, novelist from Stockport who recently won the W Somerset Maugham Award for his book The Adult, will be reading, alongside London poet Salena Godden and Richard Milward himself.

Conference 'Labour (dis)united: disputed legitimacies within the British labour movement'
A conference on Monday 4 April at the People's History Museum (Manchester) brings together historical and contemporary perspectives on the study of the British labour movement.  Organised by the Centre for Research on the English-speaking World, it is sponsored by the Society for the Study of Labour History (SSLH) and the Labour Movements Group of the Political Studies Association (PSA).

The organisers state: 'Conflicts of legitimacy within the labour movement have repeatedly raised the issue of who can claim to speak on behalf of labour organisations and working class people. This conference will allow us to identify more clearly and from new perspectives long-term convergences and divergences in terms of both organisational structures and decision-making processes'.

Conference fee £20.


Launch of a new book about Benny Rothman
On Friday 8 April at 1.30pm the launch of a new book about activist Benny Rothman will take place at the Library.  Unite the union's biography Benny Rothman: a fighter for the right to roam, workers' rights and socialism, written by Mark Metcalf, covers not only the part played by Benny in the Kinder Scout mass trespass but also his battles against Mosley's fascist Blackshirts and his wide-ranging campaigns as a trade unionist and environmentalist.

Benny's son Harry will be in attendance at the event, and everyone who comes along will get a free copy of the 64-page book.  Further details from Mark Metcalf at 07952 801783,
Annual Luddite Lecture
The Huddersfield Local History Society/University of Huddersfield Joint Luddite Memorial Lecture will take place in the Diamond Jubilee Lecture Theatre, The Business School, University of Huddersfield on Thursday 21 April at 7.30pm, with light refreshments available from 7pm.

The speaker will be Dr Robert Poole of the University of Central Lancashire and his subject will be 
'The Rebellions of 1817'.

Free but booking required via eventbrite: (the link also gives further information about both topic and venue) or by telephoning the University History Department (weekdays, during office hours) on 01484 471873.
Seventh Frow Lecture
Richard Cleminson will give the Library's 7th annual Frow Lecture in the Old Fire Station, University of Salford on Saturday 7 May at 2pm
His topic is “A new world in our hearts”: anarchism and the Spanish Civil War"
Richard is Professor of Hispanic Studies at the University of Leeds.
In this lecture Richard will outline and critically assess the anarchist political and cultural contribution to social progress in the 1930s and anarchist participation in the revolutionary period of the Spanish Civil War. The talk focuses not on the military aspects of the war, although these are touched upon, but on the revolutionary changes made possible by the anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist movement, particularly the CNT (ConfederaciĆ³n Nacional del Trabajo - National Confederation of Labour) in respect of the agrarian collectives, the collectivisation of workplaces, changes in gender patterns, the contribution to cultural and educational change, and the "revolution of mentalities" fostered by the anarchists over this period.
Admission free; light refreshments after  All welcome.
The  Mary Quaile Club will be  holding an event on Saturday 9 April, 2 p.m.,  discussing the issue of migrant workers, past  and present
This  will take place in The Annexe at the Working  Class Movement  Library, 51 The Crescent, Salford M5 4WX. The event is free.

Chris Unsworth will  talk about the forgotten story of Scottish women who migrated  to England to  work in the herring industry. Every year from the 1880s to 1960s  these women went south from Scotland in the late summer and  autumn  to work in  the fishing ports of eastern England. This was tough outdoor work with the women often suffering from  cuts and cold sores.
Herring workers from the Isle of Lewis
at Lowestoft in the 1930s
Chris will be followed by a speaker from Podemos, the Spanish radical political network, who will discuss issues concerning  migrant  workers in Britain in 2016, and a speaker from Migrant Support, Manchesterwho  will talk about the position of migrant workers today and how MSM is working with them.

After  the speakers and discussion, please join us for tea and cakes.

About the speakers
Chris Unsworth lives in Salford and is the author of The British Herring Industry 1900-1960
Sandra Penaloza-Rice  is the Project Co-ordinator and Co-founder of Migrant Support Manchester.

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