Sunday, November 15, 2015

The 2016 London Rebel History Calendar

That Time of Year Again, Again...
Presented by Past Tense
Spanking new and all inky off the press...

The 2016 London Rebel History Calendar

Past Tense's third annual calendar, commemorating our selection of the radical, rebellious, subversive and occasionally downright surreal anniversaries, which inspire us, provoke debate and hopefully spread knowledge and enjoyment. We do it because we love it. If you find it useful, makes you think, leads you to something you didn't know, or just makes you laugh and dance with the joy of defiance - that's what we were aiming for... 
A date from London history for every day of 2016: strikes and riots; rowdy parties and occupations; births (no marriages) and deaths. And much more...

Written and designed by angry amateur hysterians, and printed in several colours by artisans in South London.

Yours for just £5.00... Plus £2.00 Postage & Packing

Available from the publications page on our website:

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or by post, from
Past Tense
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enclosing a cheque for £7.00, payable to Past Tense Publications.

Copies of the London Rebel History Calendar are running out fast...
If you are interested in a copy and want to order one from past tense direct, it might be best to order it relatively soon... [see above]

It's only £5 plus P&P...

The Calendar is also available from the following London bookshops:

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  1. From past tense -
    FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT LIKED THE 2016 LONDON REBEL HISTORY CALENDAR... [or who missed the chance to buy it]
    ...we have now put the dates part online at

    [and] we are gradually working through linking the date entries to a daily blog post giving a bit more background info on each anniversary mentioned... at: