Friday, October 17, 2014

Come and see us at the Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday!

Sat 18th October 10am - 6pm at Queen Mary's University, on Mile End Road. See map and further details on the website via the link below.

Radical History Network of North East London will have a stall at the bookfair with our general leaflet, pamphlets from many of the most recent meetings plus details of many of the past meetings. Also other relevant literature and booklets. If you missed a meeting/discussion on a particular topic you might want to get yourself a copy of the booklets produced from them.

We haven't got enough people to look after the stall for the whole day - if you are a supporter and are coming anyway, and can spare an hour or two. help would be  welcome.

But please still come and say hello either way.

Next RaHN meeting
will be on the topic of Radical Childcare and will be on Wednesday 10th Dec. (Full title and specifics not yet confirmed - but if you have any experience/interest in this topic please get in touch beforehand, or just come along to the meeting - all contributions welcome!)

Meeting that may be of special interest to RaHN supporters:

5.00pm – 6.30pm
Terrorism, Feminism and a Century of War, 1914-2014

In June 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a student influenced by both anarchism and nationalism, shot Franz Ferdinand and triggered the First World War. Tragically, many of Europe's socialist and feminists then supported this horrific war. However, a few courageous activists, such as Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London suffragettes, did oppose the bloodbath. Mutinies and revolutions across Europe eventually ended the First World War. But capitalism - and its wars - continued for another century. As the capitalist bloodbath continues in the Middle East and the Ukraine, what hope is there for a movement that finally ends war? 
Speakers: Bojan Aleksov on Gavrilo Princip; Laura Schwartz on 'Feminism and the Great War'; Gabriel Levy on the civil war in the Ukraine.

Organised by: 'Remembering the real World War One' (London)

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  1. From the London Anarchist Bookfair collective. Advance Notice for 2015:
    The bookfair will be on Saturday 24th October from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    This year the venue will be Central Saint Martin's which is a gorgeous building behind Kings Cross train station, so really easy for anyone from outside London.
    We will be sending out booking forms for stalls and meetings soon.. The booking form will also be up on our website in the next week (hopefully) ...
    We don't have as much space as last year so we are going to have to be a bit selective with meetings, so we might ask groups who are asking for similar meetings to work together and if groups ask for a number of meetings we may have to limit it. Sorry about this, but we can't really do much else.
    We will have leaflets and posters in a week or so. We need loads of help distributing these especially around working class areas on London (well those that are still left). Email us at if you can help or just pick them up from Freedom or Housmans bookshops.
    [Watch this blog for further details i.d.c.]