Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FREESCHOOL: Remembering the Real WW1 (London)

On Sunday 18th May, 11.30 a.m.  – 5.00 p.m.

Venue: no 88 Fleet Street, London, EC4 1DH.
Nearest tube: Blackfriars

Updated information:

Real World War One Freeschool

Sunday 18 May at No. 88 Fleet Street (entrance in St. Brides Avenue), London EC4 1DH (Blackfriars or Chancery Lane Tube)

 The official accounts and commemorations of the anniversary of World War One mask the real social history of the period. This conference is a chance for us to educate ourselves about the protests, strikes, mutinies and revolutions that preceded, provoked and, eventually, ended the war. We will also discuss how best to oppose both the official commemorations and future wars. Please bring food to share if you can.

11.30am (for 12 noon start) - 1pm


Why did the war start: Imperialism? The reassertion of masculinity? An attempt to forestall European revolution? Why did so many support the war?  Did World War One ever really end? Why does capitalism need war?



 Why were the first mass protests of the war started by women? Did politicians keep the war going to prevent the Russian Revolution from spreading? Did mutinies in the Russian, French and German armies end the war? What about the rebellions in the British army?



Was the Maidan Square uprising a revolution - or a fascist coup? Should we take sides between Putin and the West?   Will the Ukrainian crisis lead to another European conflict? 



Why is Cameron so keen to celebrate World War One?  How do we celebrate the mutinies and revolutions of the period instead? How do we counter the official commemorations without disrespecting the dead?

For information, please contact pasttense@alphabetthreat.co.uk

The plan is to have short introductory talks followed by open discussions.

As it stands there are proposed sessions on:

• World War 1, its relevance today; why Capitalism Needs War

• Mutinies, women’s protests and revolutions

• Countering Cameron’s Commemorations

• War Today: Ukraine, Putin and more…

But other suggestions are welcome: we are not ‘experts’, we have some historical knowledge, but are always ready to learn. We see this freeschool as an opportunity for us all to learn from each other, and maybe come up with ideas to counter the government’s plans for glorification of the First World War.

All welcome, this event is free, but donations would be gratefully received on the day.
Disabled access is unfortunately poor…

This event is organised by Remembering the Real WW1 (London). We are a small group of activists, historians and rebels, part of a growing network of groups and individuals working to highlight the histories of the Great War that official ‘commemorations’ will sweep under the carpet.

For more information email us on: therealww1@riseup.net

Or check our blog: therealww1.wordpress.com

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  1. N.B. The 18th is a Sunday, not Saturday as previously given. Sorry.