Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Squatting History: Exhibition 9th-16th September 2013

A Week-long exhibition just started...
Check out their website for lots of interesting archive posters etc.:


Made Possible by Squatting
9th-16th September 2013
15, Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Exhibition// Archive// Workshops

London has 72,457 empty homes.
Rent is Too High.

As the Housing Crisis deepens we see:

• government policies of Cuts to Housing Benefit
• Bedroom Tax introduced
• regeneration that equals unaffordable 'Affordable' Housing

Made Possible by Squatting presents an archive of histories and stories of how Londoners have met their needs and desires through squatting the empty buildings which fill our city.

With over 30 stories from Crossroads Women’s Centre, to Islington Housing Co-op, Ramparts, and Clifton Mansions these histories will be traced through a series of film, illustration, photos, archive posters, workshops, and more!

The exhibition itself aims to be part of this tradition - but it happens in the context of repression. With the squatting of residential buildings already outlawed last year, and the further ban on commercial squats looming on the horizon, there has never been a more necessary time to celebrate squatting histories.

<<< when Housing is a Luxury, Squatting is a Necessity
Better to Squat than let Homes Rot>>>

Opening Hours 11am-10pm (see website for workshop timetable)

Nearest Tube: Tower Hill, Aldgate, Aldgate East

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  1. Message from a researcher (February 2016) - Luca Lapolla, History PhD student at Birkbeck, University of London (luca-lap@libero.it):
    "As part of my thesis on post-1968 urban and rural libertarian communities in Britain and Italy, I'd be interested in talking with people who were/are active in the squatting movement or participate/d in the management of social centres in London or Bristol.
    Besides my academic interest in this, I think that preserving these personal/political histories is vital to help current and future similar experiences. And this has been confirmed by the positive feedback I've received whenever I discussed my ongoing research with activists.
    Anonymity is obviously guaranteed."
    Contact email as above or via radicalhistorynetwork@gmail.com