Thursday, August 8, 2013

New posts on Hackney

1. An interview with Charles Foster, who was involved with Hackney
People's Press newspaper in the 1970s:

2. An overview of The Hackney Flashers - a radical feminist photography
group from the early 80s:

Also smaller bits on police spies in Hackney, a new book from John Barker
(the Stoke Newington 8 one), and more.

A couple of updates:
Another book launch -
"A Hoxton Childhood" by A S Jasper has been republished. The launch is taking place at Broadway Bookshop in Hackney on the 9th of October. (The book was originally published in 1972 by Centerprise):
Some small pieces/links on the site about squatting in Stamford Hill Estate and being nicked by corrupt cops, the 1996 Hackney Anarchy Week film, etc. :

And booklet produced for the last RAHN meeting, now available online in a slightly expanded form:


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