Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update about Alan Woodward's legacy

Alan's FriendsTo ensure Alan Woodward's legacy is properly and respectfully cared for and promoted

1. The Celebration of Alan's Life- Around 200 attended the post-funeral commemoration/celebration of Alan's life. It was a moving and inspirational event with stalls, speeches, banners and music.
- A Tribute document was distributed there (see webpage above), as well as a graphic pamphlet/cartoon of Alan by Michelle entitled 'The Man Who Wrote Pamphlets'.
- This was followed by an obituary on the Guardian website by Ian Birchall (with contributions from Dave and others).
- The Radical History Network of NE London reconvened on 6th February. There was a special talk/discussion by Alex in Alan's honour about the history of pamphleteering. This has been turned into a RaHN pamphlet (what else?!) now on the website at . RaHN itself has a new 'core group' to ensure it and the website will continue to thrive. Next RaHN meeting is on 8th May and is about strikes.
- Dave did a talk at the Haringey Local History Fair on 23rd Feb about Alan's ideas and the last 30 years of Haringey DIY radical printing.

2. Alan's archives- Alan wished for his archives to be left to 'a libertarian organisation' and kept together if possible.
- Alan's large archive of materials in his house (papers, books, pamphlets etc) is slowly being catalogued ready for temporary storage, coordinated by Peter Woodward.

3. Existing publications of Alan's - Back in October 2012 Peter prepared a 2-sided A4 'catalogue' to publicise Alan's own pamphlets.
- Most are out of print, but some are at Housman's on display (and the bookshop is happy to continue to have an Alan section). We still need to discuss/ensure how they will remain in print, or at least get put up online as pdfs. Some of Alan's stuff is on the RaHN blog/site.
- We reprinted 40 copies of the autobiography 'Poor Boy's Tale' as a temporary measure and there are still a few available at Housman's.

4. Alan's future publications in the pipelineThere is further part-written or almost completed material which could and should be published at some time, e.g.
- the second part of his autobiography
- an almost-completed pamphlet on the London Workers Group, 1974-1983.

5. GenerallyKey issues continue to include where to house the archives for public access, publishing and republishing Alan's works, raising finances, the future of Alan's Friends and long-term decision-making and management around Alan's legacy.

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