Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sparrows Nest: Good News for Radical Researchers

This is an excellent source for little-known byways of libertarian history.
Watch this space for some exciting discoveries coming shortly.

The Sparrows' Nest opened in December 2008. They held a very interesting meeting at the London Anarchist Book Fair last October.

Information from

Online Catalogue:  Online catalogue with searchable keywords: ANARCHIST BOOKS/PAMPHLETS - note this is a table of all content with fairly large file size (6MB) so wait to load before searching. Use search facility on your browser. Alternatively, Download/print catalogue ordered by author or by title (no keywords, around 700kB filesize). Last updated 19-April-2013.
Digital Libary of scanned publications: newest project scanning the content of The Sparrows' Nest Public Archive. Previously scanned in: the Soldarity Federation archive and the personal archive of one of its founding members, Ron  - converted into PDF format.
Plus scans of miscellaneous material such as unique local anti-Poll Tax campaigning newsletters, leaflets & press-cuttings. Select the Digital Library menu item for all this. Originals of digitised material are also available(in Nottingham)  but please note many of these documents are fragile and are kept in acid-free and lignin-free archive boxes and require special handling.

More details on their home page.


  1. For another good source of radical history archives see
    “It is creating an archive of grass roots activism from the Glasgow/Clydeside area. We collect non-party political material from groups and individuals and catalogue it with the intention of making it available on our website and easy accessible for all.”

  2. UPDATE: Sparrows' Nest Newsletter January 2017 gives latest additions to the collection, including 16 issues of Solidarity for Libertarian Socialism magazine: