Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Passage Through Time: An afternoon on 17th March to celebrate women’s history month.

A Passage Through Time, Looking Back To Look Forward, Women In Herstory

An afternoon in March to celebrate women’s history month.

Sunday March 17th

The Dragon Hall

17 Stukeley Street,

3pm ~ 7pm

We will take you on a journey back to tell a little about the other side of the history. Herstory will look at how women have used art and activism to campaign for social changes, challenge injustices, and make things happen.

“Noted, eminent historian Keanu Smurthwaite (absolutely no relation to feminist comedian Kate) presents a brief history of dissemblance, of women who have disguised themselves as men. Some did so to access jobs only available to men, some to escape danger and poverty, some for love or for money, some to legitimise their lesbian relationships or to express what by modern standards we would consider their trans* status. Discover the amazing stories of the first woman to vote in the US election and the first British woman to become a qualified medical doctor, from jazz legend Billy Tipton to yankee civil war hero Albert DJ Cashier all the way back to the downfall of Pope Joan. Please note this talk is “strictly” men only! Definitely no ladies please (moustaches available at the door).”

Also: Becca Morden of Scary Little Girls will be performing on her Uke, She will be looking at how women in blues and musical halls used humour and satire to flout the norms of their day and how folk and popular music artists took their message further still into the heart of women’s lib movement! plus she’ll be chatting about her findings in-between singing extracts of songs and hopefully getting the audience to join in too!

Plus: lots of stands selling unique products, food, books, art, music and more………

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