Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Alan Woodward, a member of the Radical History Network of North East London, has written and published 2 pamphlets on libertarian socialist history.

* The Deeper Meaning of the Struggle - an outline history of the International Shop Stewards Movement and Socialism. This pamphlet covers the history of raducal shop stewards in the UK, Europe and the USA, but concentrates on the UK.

* Life and Times of Joe Thomas - This pamphlet charts the life of the libertarian socialist Joe Thomas, who joined the communist party as a young man, and later joined the Independent Labour Party and was a founder member of several influential libertarian socialist groups.

Both pamphlets are available from the Gorter Press for Libertarian Socialists, PO Box 45155, London, N15 4WR. £2.50 each including p&p.

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