Thursday, January 14, 2016

STOP PRESS: Wapping Dispute Events, Jan. 2016 

Talk: The Wapping Dispute. The workers who were dismissed during the Wapping Dispute, in addition to their families and their supporters, were frequently disbelieved or vilified for bringing about their own destruction. The full strength of the law was used against their trade unions and most published accounts of the dispute blamed the workers in one way or another. 

Join us for a talk by one of the strikers involved in the dispute who will put forward the workers' story. This will be followed by a Q&A session and a chance for the audience to talk about their own experiences of the dispute. Free, no booking required.
Thursday 14 January, 6:00pm - 7:30 p.m. 

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, 277 Bancroft Road, London E1 4DQ

Phone: 020 7364 1290. Email:
30th Anniversary Event. Join the strikers and their supporters for this informal gathering to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Wapping Dispute. During the evening, there will be a screening of the film ‘Banging Out: Fleet Street Remembered’ (52 mins), which was produced by digital:works, who worked alongside pupils from two primary schools located near Fleet Street, to chart the history of printing in the area from around 1500, when William Caxton's apprentice set up a printing shop in Shoe Lane, until the digital revolution saw presses move east to Wapping and elsewhere in the 1980s and 1990s. This project put former print workers at the forefront of this history and allowed them to tell their story in their own words. Free, no booking required. Thursday, 21 January, 5:00pm - 7:30pm

Also: @SolHughesWriter obtained the Special Branch files.

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives Exhibition: 

The Wapping Dispute: The Workers’ Story

Tuesday 1 December 2015 – Thursday 11 February 2016 

The Wapping Dispute began on 24 January 1986, when Rupert Murdoch, owner of four of Britain’s leading newspapers, including The Sun and The Times, sought to move production from Fleet Street in central London to a new non-union print works in Wapping. This led to a strike by the print unions, who fought to save thousands of jobs and the basic rights of workers to organise in defence of their conditions. 

In 2011 the 25th anniversary of the year-long strike and the ruthless dismissal of 5500 workers by Rupert Murdoch was marked by an exhibition which presented the workers’ story of the dispute and provided a political context. We are pleased to be hosting the exhibition at Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives from December 2015 until February 2016, to mark the 30th anniversary of the strike. The exhibition will will include dramatic accounts and photographs of the dispute, in addition to objects and items from the time, including banners, posters, badges, and press articles, and will be accompanied by the two free public events [as above] - 'Talk: The Wapping Dispute' and '30th Anniversary Event'

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