Monday, June 22, 2015

Events coming up at the Mayday Rooms in London

** Production of Possibilities

Friday June 26th, 12-7pm. Reading Room

Occupation Culture

MayDay Rooms activation with Stevphen Shukaitis, Alan W. Moore and others.

How has squatting contributed to the production of art and culture? During times where the cost of rent and living rises well beyond the ability of cultural workers to support themselves in the metropolis, squatting has played an important role in making possible the continued existence of autonomous art and culture.

Come and join us for this day long event that will seek together to bring materials and experiences of how occupations and squatting have contributed to the production of autonomous culture. From social centres to free schools, temporary galleries to combined studios and living spaces, we invite people to bring along materials from your projects that explore these questions and connections. We will be joined by historian and activist Alan W. Moore, who has been working on setting up and documenting these spaces and practices for almost forty years. We will start with an informal lunch and sharing of food, spending the afternoon working through and discussing materials that are brought and then in the early evening Alan will present his new book on the subject Occupation Culture: Art & Squatting in the City from Below and the recent anthology Making Room: Cultural Production in Occupied Spaces.

Thursday June 23rd, 7-10pm. Canteen
The Cultural Discussion Group (Invite only)

The Cultural Discussion Group has been meeting fortnightly since late 2014. The group developed out of two related convictions. The first is that the last decade of capitalist ‘development’ in London has been aided and abetted at every stage by contemporary art, including by contemporary art that claims for itself some kind of radical social ‘conscience’...

Wednesday July 1st, 6-9pm. Screening Room
Under the Moon (5)

We are planning to spend the session looking through some materials about Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (1982-2000) - ​join us for an experiment in collective research; to  rummage through the boxes held at May Day Rooms, to read, talk and collate words, images and symbols. The first collective text to emerge from the camp framed the purpose of occupation as both a specific protest against nuclear power, but also as a broader project which aimed to develop the capacity of women to resist...


Thursday 2nd -  Thursday 9th July, 10am - 6pm, MDR Reading Room
Schooling and Culture Residency

Schooling and Culture was a collaboratively produced journal published during the 70s and 80s between a group of radical left educationalists and young working class school students in London. MayDay Rooms currently houses a collection of the journals and this week long programme seeks to further socialise this archive. Since December 2014, convened by Russell Newell, a group of educators/artists/organisers and some of the original contributors have been meeting at MDR to discuss the potential of reactivating the journal, what it would look like


MayDay Rooms
88 Fleet Street
London,  EC4Y 1DH
United Kingdom
Tel: 020 3691 5230

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