Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wed. 28 January: Local film showing: McLibel in N17

UPDATE - Link to film and leaflet

The victorious McLibel Campaign, 1985-2005 
The film described below was shown on BBC2 soon after being made; before that it was shown in some cinemas. It has also been shown on TV in many countries…

You can now see the full film online:

and also find the 2005 LEAFLET here 

- The Tottenham postman & gardener who took on the McDonald’s corporation. And won. 
Bruce Castle Museum, Lordship Lane, London N17 8NU
Entry free. Doors open at 7pm. Show starts 7.30pm.
Special guests: The 'McLibel Two'

February 2015 marks 10 years since this infamous and historic marathon of a legal battle concluded at the European Court of Human Rights. The McLibel case had been a David and Goliath story of two people, Tottenham residents Helen Steel and Dave Morris. The defendants refused to be silenced by libel threats, and had to represent themselves throughout what became the longest trial in English legal history. At the same time a grass-roots global defiance campaign turned the spotlight on junk food, exploitation of workers, unethical targeting of children, environmentally-unfriendly business practices, the cruelty of factory farming - and attempts at censorship. The leaflets that the corporation tried to suppress became probably the widest circulated in history.

This documentary film made during the case tells the incredible story.. the filmed testimony of witnesses and experts, exposure of controversial practices, revealing footage of secret meetings with McDonald's US Board members, McSpies unmasked, the growing protests, McProfits down...

Helen and Dave - the McLibel Two - introduce the film and look back on the case and the victorious campaign....

The award-winning full-length documentary was shown on BBC and has been seen by over 20 million people around the world
More info on the film: www.spannerfilms.net More info on the case/campaign: www.mcspotlight.org

See also: RaHN Pamphlet
 'McWorld On Trial' - by Helen Steel and Dave Morris (the 'McLibel' defendants)
The inside story of the inspirational global campaign against McDonald's 1985-2005, including the titanic legal battle during the longest trial in English history.

And previously on this blog: 

McDonald's and McLibel - the successful humiliation of a multinational [1985-2005] - by the McLibel Support Campaign.

McLibel police spies revelations: defendant speaks out

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