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Saturday, June 28, 1.30 Parliament Square to 2.30 St James Park 

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Sophie, Duchess of Hohenburg, will be assassinated for the second time on Saturday, June 28 in Westminster. The original assassination in Sarajevo a century ago, which triggered the catastrophe of World War 1, will be reenacted at the Guards Division Memorial, St James Park, with a slow-motion replay outside BAE systems in Carlton Gardens. 

Organisers Remembering the Real World War 1 hope to get enough anarchists out of bed to do the job. A spokesperson says: ‘Everyone thinks it was all the fault of Gavrilo Princip that the First World War broke out. But in reality it was down to arms traders, warmongering politicians and unrelenting, jingoistic propaganda.’ With the world at war again in the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, she continues ‘our theatrical reconstruction of these events outside BAE systems will reveal how little has changed today.’ 

The assassination will be preceded by a tour of statues and memorials of the ministers and field marshalls who led Britain into disaster, recalling the words they spoke as they sent almost one million men to their deaths. 

{The Archduke and his wife Sophie [were to be] available for interview on June 27, the eve of the centenary, during the interval of a rare showing of J’Accuse, the world’s first anti-war movie.} 

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  • Event starts at Lloyd George’s statue, Parliament Square, 1.30 pm, Saturday, June 28, continues via Cenotaph and Haig statue, Whitehall to Horseguards. The Guards Division Memorial stands opposite Horseguards in St James Park.
  • Gavrilo Princip, a radicalised student member of the Young Bosnia movement, succeeded in shooting dead the Archduke and Duchess when the car carrying the couple took a wrong turning. They had already evaded an earlier bomb attack. Eerily, the car’s numberplate A111118 prefigured the date of the end of the First World War more than four years, and 16 million deaths, later.
  • BAE Systems are major arms exporters and war profiteers trading with Saudi Arabia, which currently sends arms to ISIS and other Al Quaeda affiliates across the Middle East.
J’Accuse, made in 1919 by the great French director Abel Gance, with actors who had fought at the Battle of Verdun, [was] playing at 7pm, June 27 at the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, NW1 1HB.

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