Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reform Riots remembered: Nottingham walk

On the 10th October at 6 p.m.
 Look out for the Loaf On A Stick!

'To the Castle' - retracing the 1831 Reform Riots.

Although the Reform Riots (when rioters e.g. burned down Nottingham Castle) are often referred to, little is known about who the rioters were and what may have motivated them.

We will follow in the rioters' footsteps, taking a close look at the direct action of these so called ‘misguided rascals’ and looking into their identities, motives as well as living and working conditions in early nineteenth century Nottingham.

We hope that people who have missed the previous walks can join us this time and of course would be much delighted to see familiar faces again.

As always the event is free of charge and the route wheelchair accessible
(although there are some hills and a few cobbles along the way).

This time we will do the walk as night falls, which may add a little more atmosphere. With a 6pm start we should arrive at the Castle at the same time as the rioters did 182 years ago. Furthermore there should already be a merry crowd on site as the beer festival will be in full swing by that time.

Please spread the word!

For more details, the leaflet, a poster, the handouts etc. please see our blog:

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