Thursday, April 4, 2013

Radical History film show: Sylvia Pankhurst. 23rd April 2013

Waltham Forest Radical History Workshop
23rd April 2013, 7 p.m. at the Quaker Meeting House, 1a Jewel Rd., E17
A documentary film on the life of Sylvia Pankhurst, will be introduced by one of the film-makers.
“This feature length documentary chronicles Sylvia Pankhurst’s life as suffragette and revolutionary socialist. She was imprisoned more than any other suffragette for her tireless campaigning and unlike her mother Emmeline and sister Christabel, who dropped the fight for votes for women to support the 1914 war effort, Sylvia refused to sacrifice the fight for universal suffrage until it was won. Her opposition to the war and her internationalism were and remain exemplary and her bravery in fighting for equality and opposing all misanthropic trends puts her, as one interviewee put it, ‘up there with the angels.’”

Entrance fee will be a donation to help pay for room hire, the DVD and publicity.

The organisers would like to know if possible how many are likely to attend; messages can be passed on via our email, or see more details at: .

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